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About Us

Fine craftmanship is a unique treasure that is sought for in this beautiful country. Nakaashi presents to you, in all its glory- Carved Artwork on Accessories that compliment every look, every time, every occasion, every day.

Nakaashi began with an idea of crafting to distinguish. Between the very beginning and the time to come, we intend to gracefully move ahead with carving each piece of jewellery and accessory with perfection, to suit your style and reflect your taste.

When traditional meets style, magic happens. The culture meets the design, the craftmanship meets elegance and the new age ideology meets the age-old art. Nakaashi is a proud amalgamation of it all.
We find shapes in the abstract, and inspirations in the visions of the yesteryear. Each design that we present to you is inspired from an idea that exists in this wide paradigm of reality.It’s never about what you wear, it is always about how it makes you feel. Nakaashi is crafted to distinguish you at every occasion where you decide to adorn it.

More than mix and match, it’s think and choose what looks better. We know how women like to feel when they’re accessorised with the jewellery that reflects themselves in the truest form, and we’re here to serve them who dare to mix it with intricate carving.

From the Designer’s Desk:
“Motive and outcome go hand in hand, and when you’ve got the motive to show the world that it deserves something pretty to adorn each day, at every occasion, the outcome is sure to leave them all spellbound.” – Darshini Shah

Suvarna Moti
The amalgamation of the golden morning light with shiny white pearls and the midnight light with
beautiful dark orbs.
It’s a silver dream that shines when the moon glows its glorious light. Designed for the nine nights of
bliss, Navkaashi is what you choose when the heart dances to the vibe.
925 Silver & Stones
A fine fusion of contemporary colours and designs meeting the purity of Silver in its divine form.
Men’s Accessories
In a world where women dare to be distinguished, Men too need their share of accessories. Choose
from a wide range of tie-pins, buttons and cufflinks.